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Platinum Session - Description


2 1/2  Hours Inc. 30mins Basic Vocal Coaching + 5-6 Songs Inc. 15mins Photo Session In Studio 10 Personalised Photo CD's + Photo Gallery DVD inc. Live Video taken as you Sing.


Ideal Portfolio for the semi-pro who wants to sing and mix their own song. Price inculdes up to two people (a max of two extra people) can be added at £40.00 per person.

You'll meet the Producers and then a guide of the studio with all its 'State of the Art' equipment be will given.

You'll have exclusive use of Studio while you spend your time with us.

A one to one invaluable Consultation with our Professional in-house Producers as they talk you through the recording process, give you a few pointers in what to expect and basic training on how to use the microphone in the studio environment.

You will then start your 30 minutes of professional Vocal Coaching, a must in helping with your development and understanding in basic Vocal techniques.  

With a little warming up it will then be off to the Vocal Booth and straight to the point, to be the star you've always wanted to be.


Then it’s back to the control room as you listen to your excellent performance, as your CD will be mixed later and delivered to you within 7 days, as this allows maximum use of your valuable session time.

Then it’s back in front of the mic and around the studio while you strut your stuff to strike that famous pose. Besides these photos being used for your personalised artwork for your CD, we'll be using all those photos to compile on DVD your very own Photo Gallery, using your music as the perfect background, to show off to all your friends and family, maybe that Record Company A&R Scout, or even the odd Booking Agent.  Who Knows because with the "Star for a Day Platinum Session"...









143 Westmead Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4JP, United Kingdom
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