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Star For A Day


This is the perfect opportunity to allow you or your friends to be a pop singer to experience and feel what it's like to be a 'Star For A Day'.

So here's your chance to prove your budding pop star status by recording your favourite tracks with YOU singing the vocals, using the latest technology to make you sound and feel special, like real Chart Toppers.

We will make your experience as unforgettable and relaxed as possible, with our special multi tariff 'Star For A Day' packages. After we have Mastered your songs, they will be burnt to CD,  to complete your package having sung your favourite tunes.


Ideal for Special Occasions, Birthdays, maybe that Special Gift, or perhaps just for fun, and for the real ambitious maybe you're another budding superstar just bursting to get out! a start of a long journey that propels you to true Stardom, thanks to the likes of 'Pop Idol' - 'Fame Academy' and 'X Factor'.

And finally let’s not forget the plain curious of you, yearning to uncover that hidden talent, just longing to expose that budding Pop Star! waiting to come out.

So go ahead and give yourself or your Family a treat, or maybe even give your friends that 'Surprise' gift.

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Star for a day pop parties are fantastic for those party moments when you have run out of ideas to entertain the kids.

But our pop parties are also great for anyone who wants to have a funtastic time with their friends while making their very own pop song and video.

A perfect opportunity to allow them to experience and feel what it would be like to be "A STAR FOR A DAY"

We promise everyone will be guaranteed lots of fun on the day and closer to having your Pop Star dreams come true!

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